Since the launch of Powerlingo 1 in the December of 2017, we have been improving it by adjusting our model of automated scoring for translation through more annotated data.

The college students (non-English majors) at SJTU tried it out for one semester (the Spring Semester of 2018). At the end of the semester, they were interviewed for the feelings of using the system. Most of them said that their translation had been improved, and some of them said that their English writing also had been enhanced. Almost all of them said that Powerlingo 1 had helped them to prepare for the College English Test (CET) Band 4 to be held in June 16,2018 .

In the year of 1987, College English Test (CET) Band 4 and College English Test (CET) Band 6 were carried out in China. These tests are required to be taken by Chinese college students (non-English majors) as the credential for their English proficiency before they graduate. Currently, there are more than 9 million college students (non-English majors) taking them each year.

The test item of Paragraph Translation (from Chinese to English translation) was added to the tests in the year of 2013. It takes 15 % of the total scores. The topics involve Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese geography, Chinese economics and Chinese society, etc. The examinees are required to translate a Chinese passage of 140-160 characters (in CET Band 4) or 180-200 characters (CET Band 6) into English within 30 minutes.

Powerlingo 1 provides both the online self-testing and instant scoring for the test item with all the authentic translation tests and numerous model tests. It also provides the reference translations as well as the errors made by the students.